Problem Name Time Limit
A - Circuits(1) [Very Special Judge] 1s
B - Cosmetic Survey(1) [Very Special Judge] 2s
C - Disks Arrangement(1) [Very Special Judge] 1s
D - LED(1) [Very Special Judge] 1s
E - Parentheses(1) [Very Special Judge] 1s
F - Secret Code(1) [Very Special Judge] 1s
G - Simple Polygon(1) [Very Special Judge] 2s
H - Square Root(1) [Very Special Judge] 3s
I - Starwars(1) [Very Special Judge] 1s
J - TV Show Game(1) [Very Special Judge] 1s
K - Working Plan(1) [Very Special Judge] 2s
L - Find the Point(1) [Shik Judge] 1s
M - Luigi’s Tavern(1) [Shik Judge] 1s
N - Colored Octahedra(1) [Shik Judge] 1s
O - Strange Couple(1) [Shik Judge] 1s
P - Queen’s Case(1) [Shik Judge] 1s
Q - Wind Passages(1) [Shik Judge] 1s
R - Secret Operation(1) [Shik Judge] 1s
S - Fiasco on Fresco(1) 3s
T - Minimum Cut(1) [Very Special Judge] 10s
U - Let it Bead(1) 1s
V - Solving Systems of Linear Equations(1) 10s
W - Electricity Connection(1) 5s

Contest is over.
programmer: 劉邦鋒 pangfeng, 上官林傑 ericsk, 陳映睿 springgod, 王尹 cindylinz, 蕭俊宏 chhsiao.
Imager: 江昌鴻 senkousha.
modified by: 高紹航 denehs, 沈定 beephoenix, 馮俊菘 csferng, 黃上恩 tmt514