Problem Name Time Limit
A - Speedrun(1) 10s
B - Square in Circles(1) 10s
C - Reverse a Road II(1) 10s
D - Points and Lines(1) 10s
E - Color the Map Extreme(1) 10s
F - Website Tour(1) 10s
G - Idempotent Filter(1) 10s
H - Bricks (1) [Very Special Judge] 1s
I - Christmas Tree (1) [Very Special Judge] 1s
J - Cat and Mouse (1) [Very Special Judge] 10s
K - Cunning Friends (1) [Very Special Judge] 2s
L - Escape Room (1) [Very Special Judge] 1s
M - Divide and Conquer (1) [Very Special Judge] 2s

Contest is over.
programmer: 劉邦鋒 pangfeng, 上官林傑 ericsk, 陳映睿 springgod, 王尹 cindylinz, 蕭俊宏 chhsiao.
Imager: 江昌鴻 senkousha.
modified by: 高紹航 denehs, 沈定 beephoenix, 馮俊菘 csferng, 黃上恩 tmt514