2018-07-24 23:49:53 pI (Exclusive-OR) 原測資中有 'r' ,測資已修正但沒有 rejudge

Problem Name Time Limit
A - Ordering T-shirts(1) 1s
B - toys(1) 1s
C - Quality of Living(1) 10s
D - 選數字的遊戲(1) 10s
E - Long Distance Taxi(1) 3s
F - 糖果大爆險(candy crush)(1) [Special Judge] 2s
G - 猴子點技能(1) 10s
H - Area of Polygons(1) 3s
I - Exclusive-OR(1) 3s
J - Step(1) 15s

Contest is over.
programmer: 劉邦鋒 pangfeng, 上官林傑 ericsk, 陳映睿 springgod, 王尹 cindylinz, 蕭俊宏 chhsiao.
Imager: 江昌鴻 senkousha.
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